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Are you tired of unexpected punctures ruining your journey? SS Sealant Tyre Saver is here to provide you with the ultimate solution for puncture-free tires. Say goodbye to tire punctures and hello to a smoother, worry-free ride.

Explore our website to learn more about how our innovative tire sealant technology can keep your tires protected on every road.

  • Driving Innovation: Our Vision for Tomorrow's Roads
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Mr. Sekar

CEO & Company founder

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Time and Cost Savings

Avoiding unexpected flat tires can save you valuable time and money. You

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Puncture Prevention

Tire sealants create a protective barrier within your tires that seals punctures

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Environmental Benefits

Reducing tire waste through fewer replacements and improving fuel efficiency has positive

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Extended Tire Lifespan

By minimizing punctures and maintaining proper tire pressure, sealants help extend the

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At SS Sealant Tyre Saver, our vision is simple yet powerful: to revolutionize the way the world experiences tire safety. We aspire to be the go-to solution for individuals, businesses, and industries looking for reliable tire protection.

We envision a future where tire punctures are a thing of the past, where people can travel confidently without the fear of being stranded on the road due to a flat tire. Our commitment to tire safety drives us to continuously innovate and improve our products to make this vision a reality.

  • Unparalleled Puncture Protection

    Our tire sealant products offer unparalleled puncture protection for a wide range of vehicles, including bikes, cars, lorries, and autos. Say goodbye to the frustration of unexpected flats and hello to worry-free journeys.

  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective:

    Not only do our sealants keep you rolling smoothly, but they also extend the lifespan of your tires, improving fuel efficiency and saving you money. Plus, by reducing the need for tire replacements, you're making an eco-friendly choice that benefits the environment

Highly expertise

SS Sealant Tyre Saver is a leading provider of tire sealant technology designed to protect your tires from punctures and flats. Whether you're a daily commuter, a long-haul trucker, or a fleet manager,



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Mr Sekar

AN ISO- 9001:2015EMS : 14001:2015 Certified Company
We are SS Agencies, located in Thirumanagalam, Madurai. With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to manufacturing, exporting, and importing quality products all across India. Our expertise lies in the field of tire sealant, rim conditioner, and tire balancer products, and we stand firmly behind the quality of each one.

Our commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by rigorous research and development efforts, carried out in collaboration with research chemists and external testing laboratories. We subject our formulations to stringent testing conditions, such as 100-psi 212F chambers, to ensure their resilience in the demanding world of commercial vehicles. Only after passing these rigorous tests do our products make their way into the market. Coupled with real-world field experience, we have perfected a range of tire sealant formulations that deliver outstanding performance.

Trusted & professional

Our core mission is to assist our customers in maintaining their equipment and preventing costly downtime. We understand the financial impact downtime can have, which is why we offer a comprehensive solution for tire punctures across all types of vehicles, including Two-Wheelers, Cars, Autos, Vans, Lorries, Trucks, Buses, and more, under specific conditions

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